Fermentation Foundation Course

the 14-week path to becoming a fermentista

Fermentation has become a big topic in gastronomy and it’s here to stay! Fermented foods bring new flavours and textures to menus and they’re also a great asset in the quest for sustainability in the restaurant industry. This course provides you with solid knowledge in various fermentation techniques so you can safely and successfully introduce fermented foods to your customers.

Why take this course?


In this course you learn various fermentation techniques from scratch, so your ferments are a success each time. Whether it's bacteria, yeast or mould, you learn to magically transform your ingredients.


When working with live microbes in gastronomy, solid theoretical knowledge is crucial. This course provides you with everything you need to know thanks to Fran, our certified fermentista.


As a chef, an important part of fermentation is to know how to incorporate ferments into your restaurant menu. Darren, our experienced chef and culinary arts instructor teaches you how to integrate fermented foods into your offer.


We provide you with a large recipe collection, both for the various ferments and fermentation techniques as well as for dishes cooked with fermented foods, so you can start offering your new creations straight away.

Food Safety

We want to keep your food safety inspector happy too. Working with live microbes requires some additional food safety knowledge. We provide you with this one too.

Course topics

The lactic-acid fermentation module teaches you how to ferment vegetables and fruit with various techniques, from brine fermentation to pastes, salsas and sauces. The comprehensive drinks fermentation module introduces you to the world of brewing with various microbes, for example wild yeast, commercial yeast, lactic acid bacteria, whey or starter cultures such as kombucha or kefir. The two modules vinegar and kimchi provide you with extensive knowledge in these two areas. With the knowledge that koji fermentation will be the future star of fermentation in restaurants, we have dedicated three entire modules to fermentation with this magic mould. From miso to amino sauces and vegan charcuterie and many more koji products, we got you covered. The gastronomy module provides you with the necessary restaurant-specific knowledge, from handling ferments safely to current global gastronomy trends in fermentation. 

The instructors

We aim to provide you with the best knowledge available, which is why this course is taught by two experts in their fields: Fran is a certified fermentista who has introduced over 600 students to the world of fermentation, and chef Darren who has gained his experience in various high-end restaurants, including his own, as well as working as a culinary arts instructor in two prestigious schools. You will get to get coached by both instructors in regular Zoom calls. Read more about Darren and Fran here.

How we teach

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge; our most important goal of this course is to provide our students with solid fermentation skills, both in theory and practice. This is why this fermentation course consists of several elements. The theoretical knowledge is acquired on our state-of-the art E-learning platform in your own time and pace. For each module you’ll be preparing recipes in your kitchen under our guidance. And thanks to the regular Zoom calls we are able to guide you through the course in person and answer all your questions.

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