Hot Sauces

Learn How To Safely And Successfully Lacto-Ferment Delicious Hot Sauces.

Learn to make your very own lacto-fermented hot sauces with our short course. This course will take you from the beginning to the end and is both suitable for beginners and those with some initial fermentation experience.

Course Information


The learners have an understanding about lacto-fermentation, how to make hot sauces and how to use them.


5 Lessons, Accessible During 12 Months After Purchase.


Fran, certified fermentista and Darren, culinary arts chef instructor and former restaurateur.


Recipe, fermentation theory, troubleshooting guide.


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Course Topics

Introduction To Fermentation

The fermentation of foods and drinks began when we settled, approximately 12’000 years ago. In this lesson we take you on a journey though the history of fermentation, the microbes involved and the delicious products resulting from it.

Lactic-Acid Fermentation

In this lesson you learn what lactic acid bacteria do when used for fermentation. We also talk you through the various techniques for the lactic acid fermentation of vegetables.

Fermented Hot Sauces

In this module we get to work! Fran and Darren teach you how to safely ferment vegetables, how to finish your hot sauce and many creative ways to use the sauce.


Lacto-fermentation is entirely safe when done according to the basic rules we teach you in this course. In this lesson, we guide you through the most important issues that could come up during fermentation, so you will be able to spot them and act accordingly.

The Instructors

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Chef Instructor And Restaurateur

Darren is a chef instructor and a restaurateur. Starting his career in a fine dining Italian restaurant, he then progressed to work in Michelin starred restaurants and hotels in Morocco, Switzerland and France. In 2015 opening his own Restaurant ‘Le Bois Sauvage’ situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the restaurant was focused on sustainability and local products. More about Darren

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Certified Food Fermentation Specialist

Fran is a certified food fermentation specialist who has taught over 800 students in the past three years. Through her former company, Fermentista Academy, she used to run workshops in Switzerland both for hobby cooks and professional chefs. She also created Switzerland’s first online course platform for fermentation knowledge. More about Fran

How We Teach

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge; our most important goal is to provide our students with solid fermentation skills, both in theory and practice. After this course, you’ll have a good understanding of lactic acid fermentation with added brine. You’ll be able to create a basic fermented hot sauce and know how to experiment from there with different textures and tastes. Chef Darren also teaches you how to use the sauce in many ways.

E-Learning Modules

Theoretical Knowledge

Practical Application


What Our Learners Says

Being a dedicated chilli sauce lover, I was excited to watch this course on fermented chilli sauces. The concept is fascinating, and the course is well-paced, informative and easy to follow. You don't need to have any previous experience of making chilli sauces, just a love of spice and an inquisitive palate. Highly recommended as a starting point for the amazing world of fermentation.


Founder Of The London Chilli Sauce Championships (UK)

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