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Ferment With Confidence: Step-By-Step Framework For Understanding and Using Fermentation

Fermentation Foundation Course

Our 12-week course for professional chefs, nutritionists, and ambitious amateur cooks. After this course, you feel confident with working with various microbes: lactic-acid fermentation of vegetables and fruit, kimchi, drinks fermentation with starter cultures, commercial yeast, wild yeast, and other cultures. Creation of koji-based ferments, and vinegars. Gastronomy module for professional chefs, microbiome module for nutritionists and amateur cooks.

Learn How To Safely And Successfully Lacto-Ferment Delicious Hot Sauces.

Fermented Hot Sauces

Learn to make your very own fermented hot sauces with our short course. This course will take you from the beginning to the end and is both suitable for beginners and those with some initial fermentation experience.

Courses To Be Released In 2023

Fermentation And Culinary Application

Foraged Ferments

Take your fermentation skills a step further and explore the fascinating world of foraging! In this course we teach you how to turn tree leaves, flower buds, flowers, wild fruit, roots and more into delicious ferments using wild bacteria and yeast. Chef Darren teaches you how to turn your foraged treasures into delicious meals.

Koji As Seasoning For Everyday Cooking

Koji-Based Condiments

In this course, Janine Lee aka Pekopeko teaches you easily applied koji seasonings. More info to be released soon.