"The long course provides an insight into various fermentation methods in a compact way with detailed instructions and documentation. I can incorporate ideas and insights from the modules into my daily gastronomic routine and, as a restaurateur, make my offerings more interesting. One ventures into production methods that are far beyond the classic sauerkraut. The support during the self-study was also exemplary. In the exchange with other course participants and with the course instructor, open questions were clarified quickly and informatively."
Franco, Gastro Manager
Winterthur (Switzerland)
"Despite my basic knowledge of fermentation, I learned a lot more in the varied and exciting modules. In the recipe booklets, the learned is again summarized well understandable and you can find very good recipes and recipe ideas. Franziska was always available for questions (online group or mail) and immediately had well-founded answers. All in all, a top online course that I can definitely recommend, whether beginners or professionals."
Andi, Sous Chef
St. Gallen (Switzerland)
"My name is Markus, I am a chef and kitchen manager in Tyrol. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Franziska. We learned in this extensive course the basics from the beginning, how to do it right and what to consider. Up to miso, kimchi,... Very interesting but also the topic of drinks, which is a very extensive. Brilliant recipes and a lot of knowledge. Thanks again and hope to stay in touch to exchange again and again.
Markus, Head Chef
Tyrol (Austria)
"Being a dedicated chilli sauce lover, I was excited to watch this course on fermented chilli sauces. The concept is fascinating, and the course is well-paced, informative and easy to follow. You don't need to have any previous experience of making chilli sauces, just a love of spice and an inquisitive palate. Highly recommended as a starting point for the amazing world of fermentation."
Pete, Founder of Chili Sauce Championshiops
London (UK)
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