We at Wild Pulse are passionate about being a part of the solution for a more sustainable food system and a healthy planet. Our vision is to combine gastronomy with sustainability, and to prove that the art of food can go hand in hand with the strive towards a healthier planet.

I realize that at a certain point if we're going to change our food system, it's going to be the next generation that's going to be critical. This generation is very interested in food issues, very concerned about things like animal welfare and the impact of the food system on the environment.


Good quality ingredients don’t only enhance the cooking, they also go a long way towards a sustainable future. We show you how to turn these ingredients into delicious meals.


Plant-based meals fit into any kind of diet or restaurant menu and they are a great asset towards a sustainable future. We show you how to incorporate delicious, plant-based alternatives into your menu.

Food Waste

Cooking with microbes can play an essential part in the strive towards sustainability in the food sector. Fermentation helps reduce food waste and it opens up unlimited possibilities for creating incredible flavours and textures from usually lesser valued ingredients.


Both as a hobby cook or a chef, an important part of fermentation is to know how to incorporate ferments into your restaurant menu. Darren, our chef and former culinary arts instructor teaches you how to integrate fermented foods into your meals.

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in the power of humanity coming together for change. This is why we, like many other businesses and organisations, support the UN sustainable development goals. With our offer we aim to support the following six goals:

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